In-store Learning

January 12th 9:30am

Wintertime Bird Photography

Please join us January the 12th when professional nature photographer Mike Matthews shares his tips on wintertime bird photography. Mike uses many of our feeder systems, and he will demonstrate how to make natural looking set ups to make the best images possible of the backyard birds coming to your feeders. This will be a fun time, and Mike is eager to share some of his best tips so that you can have a great time photographing birds right out your window. To see more of Mike work visit his web site at 
Please call to register as space is limited. 859-268-0114.


February 9th 9:30am

The Private Lives of Birds

In honor of Valentine's Day, Dr. Becky Fox from Transylvania University will talk about the secrets of "avian love," ranging from the lengths to which some birds will go to attract and/or keep a mate (Building elaborate structures! Performing absurd displays! Imitating the sound of chainsaws ... no, really!) to which seemingly-faithful birds "cheat" on their mates and why they do it. You'll also learn what some of our local birds are up to -- the weather might be chilly right now, but believe it or not breeding season is just around the corner! 
Please call us to register 859-268-0114.


March 9th

Make It/Take It: Nest Box Workshop



April 13th  (9:30am FULL) & 1:00pm

Hummingbirds: Nature's Mini Miracles

In this session we will cover all the things that make hummingbirds such an unlikely creature. Their adaptations to the world around them make them truly are nature's miracle. We will discuss their adaptations and other aspects of their natural history that truly make them see to defy reality. Along with this we will review what it takes to attract and be a good steward of these amazing birds right in your own yard!
Please call us to register 859-268-0114.


May 10th-12th

6th Annual Bluegrass Birding Festival

Various times and locations. See website for details



June 8th 9:30am

Learning About Bees

Mary Sheldon will show how to identify native bees, basic bee anatomy, information concerning life cycles, conservation strategies and enhancing pollinator habitat. She will also discuss the importance of honey bees, beekeeping, and how to use bee products as a key to a healthier lifestyle. Please RSVP 859-268-0114



July 13th 9:30am

Backyard Baddies

If you’ve ever been harassed by raccoons, had your feeders obliterated by pesky squirrels, or infuriated with chipmunks who eat all your seed, join us to learn more about these Baddies. And if grackles, starlings, hawks, or other bothersome birds are keeping your good birds from eating, you’ll want to find more solutions to limiting their access to your feeders. We may run a little longer than normal due to the addition of some guests from the Kentucky Wildlife Center. Seats still available.



August 10th 9:30am

Beyond the Wacky World of Birds



September 14th

Bird Walk @ Jacobson Park

See store for details


October 12th 9:30am

Big Changes, Little Details--Fall Migration and Beyond

Kentucky author and field naturalist Nancy Grant will show us how birds navigate into and through our area during the fall migration season, and which birds may arrive later in the winter months. She'll also provide tips for easy birdwatching excursions in our region to see the birds that are unlikely to appear at backyard feeders. There will be plenty of time for questions, answers, and friendly discussion, too. Nancy will also be autographing copies of her newest book, Binge Birding: Twenty Days with Binoculars, about her road trip along the Texas Gulf Coast during spring migration.
Please RSVP if you plan to attend 859-268-0114



November 9th 9:30am

Winter Raptors of Kentucky

Raptors (Birds of Prey) have always been a highlight of anyone's birding adventures be it out in the country, in the city, or even your backyard. During this winter season we get a treat of seeing some raptors that do not call Kentucky home (or rarely so). This time of year, winter raptors can also be a great birding challenge as we have juveniles from this year which can make identification all the more challenging. This session we will highlight the uncommon raptors that have better chances to be seen this time of year as well as tips and tricks to more accurate identification! 
Please RSVP if you plan to attend 859-268-0114